How to Write a Project Definition for a Web Development Company?


how to write project definition

We get many requests for the project. Some clients write amazing project definition. That helps us to guide them properly.

In this article we will share some most important tips to write project definition.

What is Project Definition?

Project definition is the short description of your project requirements. It includes the must have part of your project.

Main Parts of the Project Definition

  • Title
  • Description
  • Technologies
  • Reference Projects
  • Timeline
  • Budget


The title is the most important part of writing the project definition, In fact title is the most important part of writing any content.

In title, you can include technology you want to build your project on, type of ypur project, yout business size etc.

You should avoid using fancy words like Ninja, Rockstar, Wizard etc. It tells web development agenncies that you have very high expectations for the project. And in most of the cases agencies hire skillful web developers and they are very good in things they are doing. At least we do.


  • Lab Management System Development
  • Needs Recruitment App on Laravel
  • Needs Business Website
  • Needs WordPress Websites
  • eCommerce Site Needed to Sell Kid’s Toys


In this section, you can explain your project definition or your project’s goal in short. You can add the main features of your project.

Don’t write very long project descriptions. Be concise in your writing. Never attach 30 pages PDF files. Generally, web development agencies don’t read your lengthy PDFs in the very initial phase of the project.

Don’t write large paragraphs. 2 or 3 sentences are enough in the paragraphs.


Hi there,

We are running a private school from Nursery to Grade 12 in Mumbai.

We need the web and mobile based solution to manage our day to day activities.

Admin Portal
It manages the entire system

Teacher’s Portal
Teachers can set exams, write notes to parents, analyze student performance, and many more.

Student’s Portal
Students can take exams, view their exam results, raise their doubts, can see their parent’s and teacher’s conversations if allowed to see them, and many more.

Parent’s Portal
Parents can see their child’s results, analyze their performance, can take inputs from the teachers, monitor their child via the school’s CCTV cameras, and many more.

By reading this project definition, busy web development companies can decide whether to go forward or decline the offer.


Here mention the technologies or stacks (MERN, LAMP, etc.) you want to build your project with. If you don’t know what technologies or stacks to use, then this section is optional for you.

If you don’t understand the technology aspect of the project, then don’t mention all the technologies you know.

Example to avoid:

We want to develop web application using PHP, Python, NodeJS and ASP.NET.


We need a rockstar PHP, Python, and NodeJS developer who is also a Mobile App developer and DevOps.
(This sounds we need Sachin Tendulkar who must play Cricket, Football, and Tennis professionally.)

Example to use:

We have our CRM web app developed already. We have used Laravel, MySQL, Bootstrap 3 etc. We want you to add new features for us.


We want to develop the website for our auto parts business using WordPress, premium themes, and premium plugins. We need an admin panel to update auto parts price, images, descriptions, etc.

Above specificity helps companies to give accurate time and money estimation,

According to us, leave the technology selection on your web development company. They know what to use when.

Reference Projects

The best way to avoid misunderstanding is to mention reference projects in your project definition. Add 2 or 3 sample projects.

If possible create a dummy account on reference projects and share username and password with the web development company. Many companies don’t have disposable email addresses to create an account.

Often the client doesn’t need all the features of the reference project. So it is better to mention the most important features you need in your project. This thing will help the web development company to give you correct pricing for your project.

Be clear and concise as much as possible.


We need app like for our city.

Hotels can add their rooms and home delivery food menu with our app.
Users can book rooms and order food online.
Admin manages hotels and other stuff.

We need simple interface not fancy one.


Every project has its own requirements. Always give realistic timeline to your web development company.

If you need project or tasks to be completed in particular time, mention it as soon as possible. It is very important.

It is also a good idea to mention if you need a project development report and status. Do you need a video call with your project head? And how often you need this?


We are planning to launch this project in a month. Please let us know in advance, if it will take more than 1 month.


My site got hacked. I want it to be cleaned as soon as possible.


I want to move my project from one server to another this weekend. I get less traffic during weekends.

Other Tips

Don’t ask generic questions.


Do you have suggestions to make this project run successfully?
Which part of this project do you think will take the most time?
What part of this project most appeals to you?

These questions will not help anyone getting insights.

Your project definition should answer some key questions of the web development agencies. Like,

Can we do this project?
Is the client’s budget enough for the project?
Can we deliver the project on time?
Do we have developers that can develop project on specified technologies?

If web development companies get answers correctly then they will contact the client and then the project moves further. Otherwise, they decline the offer.

If you use the above tips, you can get a better project at a very good price. Web development companies need some key information to proceed further. This guide provides that information.

Have a successful project!