How to Write an Impressive Resume and CV for IT Company


resume for web development company

As an IT company, we are getting tons of emails from job seekers. These emails contain their Resume and CV (Curriculum Vitae). Since 2009 we hired placement agency that finds talented candidates for us. Before that, we used to hire candidates by ourselves.

The Resumes and CVs we got contain lots of mistakes. These mistakes were the main cause for their application rejection. At that time, we used to select only 2 or 3 CVs out of 100 CVs. This is very serious matter. Students and experienced professionals spend a very good amount of time in search of companies and jobs. But they spend very less time on writing their Resume and CV.

Here is the list of mistakes that candidate usually made while writing Resumes and CVs.

  • They write very dull email subject. An example of good email subject: “BE Comp Candidate’s Resume with PHP skillset”.
  • Empty email body. Must include some details about your qualification and your skillset.
  • Candidates don’t know the difference between Resume and CV. A resume is for freshers with a maximum of 2 pages while CV is for experienced professionals. CV may have 5 to 8 pages.
  • Attached Resume and CV file format should be PDF, not DOC.
  • Attaching their photo. The photo is not required in Resume and CV.
  • Many grammatical and typing mistakes. Read your Resume or CV two or three times after writing it. Read it at different times of the day. You will find grammatical errors. Give your Resume and CV to another person to find mistakes.
  • Not knowing the difference between the scripting language, programming language, and stylesheet.
  • Writing everything as a skillset that they learned in college. They all cannot be your best skills to lend job. You should write what you know best about it.
  • Most candidates only write whatever project they undertook during their academic years. No live projects and no source code details were mentioned. Nowadays hosting source code is very easy. Use Github. We had always selected Resumes and CVs with live projects hosting somewhere. Develop your best project during your academic years and show it to your employer.
  • Most candidates fail to mention reference. Reference could be of anyone. Your professor, project manager etc. Mention their name, designation and email address.
  • Generally, the formatting of Resume and CV’s are very poor. Make it simple and readable. If you are a designer and applying for the post of a designer, you can show off your designing skills in your Resume and CV. The Resume and CV must look professional.

Above were the mistakes that candidates make. But now we will show you what we see in your Resumes and CVs.

  • First, we see qualification details. There we see average marks, the name of university and college.
  • Then we see skillsets.
  • Then we see if candidates have any real world experience. If a candidate has specified any live project details, we look at it.
  • Then we see your reference.

Your Resume and CV is the first mode of communication between you and the company. It can make or break the impression. Spend some quality time in researching about writing Resume and CV.

All the best.